Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wish To Be Real

Last night i was dream about 'Dead People Come Back To Life' as known by 'Zombie' . Pretty scared. It happend at Paris =.= my family was dead so i'm the only one who survived. When i try to find somewhere to hide,I meet this beautiful girl. I forgot her name actually. Okey back to my story,i'm telling her my situation and she welcoming me to join her and i said yes. Our journey make us more bonding to each other. Here the funny thing is,when we were climb the hiils suddenly with no where the 'Glee Songs' was playing. And we were started to sing and dance. What the fuck. hahahahaahahahhaa. This is what we call 'Dream' isn't it?. It doesn't make any sense. hahahaha. The end of story is when we were in the train. And then my eyes was open. When i woke up from bed i keep smile and smile. It was fun :) really.


Yesterday i was sicked so badly. I even cant straight my body. I'm not comfortable at all. Hard for me to breathing. My throat was swollen really bad. I went to clinic last night the doctor said in my stomach got a lil bit wound. So his advice is i cant eat fried foods and greasy foods for couple of month. Need rest. Have to refresh my whole body for a while. Damn!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wut Wut


I adored him. He totally my love :) Gay? So what. FUCK YOUR OWN ASS BULLSHIT! Lee Hong Ki wish to be like you. Your hair your voice damn -.- you really lucky. Cant stop supporting your songs.

Dirty Time

Fine. I'm done with anyone who actually stab on my back. You want some dirty from me? Dont you ask for it because i will give it to you for free. Now you will see.

Missing In Action

Fyzz Ethan

Hey are you still out there? Where the hell have you been? Why he change so badly? I know now you have your 'NEW BEST FRIEND' but is it have to throw your old friends away? Is it have to? If it is can i do the same to you? Can i erase you from my buddy list? Ya you will say 'alamak kecoh ja blah ah' But i just wanna let you know 'TRUTH FRIENDS NOT COME SO EASYLY' Once you acting like this twice i give you the scrip. And one more when you miserable you know how to find the way back but when you get what you want you throw the precious thing back. Okey fine lest play the game. :)

Dont Push Me

Today the entry about 'Someone Might Be Love Me' if i'm not wrong. This is what my friends told me. I dont want to say out her name. But actually i'm kinda awkward a lil bit. Here the story begin. She actually want me to love her but in the same time i dont want any relationship for now on. She always say ' We both single ' and ' See those people ' she expect i will say ' Ya i'm so jelous we should couple ' =.= You and i just friends not more than that. Jangan mengharapkan cinta aku kat hang <--- Tu dia ayat cm barua gi. Please understand me. Dont take this personaly i just want you to know the truth of me. There's is no Love in my life unless i already find the truth one. Hope you get what i try to tell you. But we still be a friend rite?


Totally pissed off. What the fish!! You telling me today class dismiss? for the last minute? Crab! I drove so fucking fast today then when i arrived at College 'Eh no class la today' Can you tell a bit early. Just waste my time. Then today so fucking tired. Went to mamak suddenly ' Eh karaoke jom' after that went to mamak back then go to my classmates house which is im so exhausting. Aku pun ikot ja even i'm so so tired. Now i just arrived at home at 5.50 pm. Theres is no rest for me.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bye Old Friend

Because of small matter it goes to big matter. Because of someone i'm the one who get the pain. Nevermind. Maybe this is not what BestFriends call. Maybe we shouldnt be a friends at all. I hate you and you hate me . Deal is deal.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sweet Six-Teen


Happy Birthday Lachrymose. May Allah always with you. Amin. Seriously miss you so damn badly. Now you 16. Enjoy every step of your life. Miss youuuu

New Friends New Momment





They are super super nice to me. I always comfortable when sitting with them. They really make me feel better. Laughing is the main thing.Sit together and makin some stupid story and Radz and Tyra so so so romantic. Holding hands hahaha ngok toi. I hated when Radz put his head on Tyra shoulder and start making cute face. Hahahaha cant stop laughing to it. Aien hahahah lagi best. Duduk dengan dia kalau tak gelak tak sah. Aien always back up for me,i like when she said ' Eh jangan la buli dia ' hahahahah best2 :) dan dan dia suka cakap ' comelllll ' hahahahahah then Anip. This guy really really killing me off. Selalu bahan aku. Bahan dia lawak gila babi. Tak larat aku nak gelak. He help me alot both inside and outside. Sent me home and many more la. Thanks guys :) hope will be together till the end of our study. GOGO CHEF ASWAD :)

Top Chef

We just get info from our Chef,Chef Aswad. Next week on thursday we have to cook for 85 person which mean 85 pax. Seriously freaking me out. So fucking nervous. We have to cook the main item between meat or chicken then vegetables,starches and sauce. Damn. Its pretty hard. I was worry about the sauce actually. Not easy as you think. Its really hard to find the real taste for the sauce. Next thursday will be crazy. Hope it will be fine.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good Luck

Wish the best for them for taking spm result tomorrow. Hope will be great and fine. Good luck again.

Pray For Them

Why this is happening? Why have to treat on that way? Why have to end up with war? Why have to hate us? Why Islam? Why? I know most religion admit that muslim is terrorist especially Christian. Muslim is bad. Muslim is full of darkness. Seriously? Dont fool yourself here. Dont you say like that to us. Im not being racist but i just wanna tell you we are not kind that way. Stop talking about other religions and we will live in peace. Hope Libya will be fine and May Allah Blessed them,Amin same goes to Afghanistan,Palestin and to all Muslim country.

What A Luck

My tire was flat. Thats make me really pissed off. I'm so fucking sleepy and now i have to ride home so slowly plus i dont have money to change the new one. =.=

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I wish to be a great dancer. Actually when i was in primay school dancing is my main thing instead of studying. But when i get to high school no more dancing. It seems really cocky besides all my friends dont know how to dance. So i have to let it go. But now the passion started pump out. I just wanna dance back. The problem is i'm quite shy of it. =.= Damn!

The Best Things I Always To Do




Saturday, March 19, 2011

Love To Travelling

I used to go to this 4 country. It was great and fun. Cant describe with words. You have to feel it on your own. I was lucky. Very very lucky.





What A Boring Day

I just came back from skate. It was sucks. Totally bitch! I have no mood at all. Plus it was raining. The bored after me. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hair Momment

This weekend i'm going to cut my hair. This time will be short than usual. Actually i'm into long hair but since i went to goverment college it quite hard to keep your hair long besides i'm in culinary arts so hair must short. I was thinkin to do mohawk. Hope will be great and fit with my face.

Heavy Rain

It was sicked. The weather so freaking bad. The clouds was really dark. I on my way go to college. At first the rain quite okey but in sudden it changed really bad. I was wet like nut. Now i was thinking about my class for sure i will be scold like hell tomorrow or next week. OMG

Alex Lambert

He is my idol. Fucking Love him :)


Onestly i'm not quite comfortable with the surrounding in my college. The people seriously asshole. My class mates really killing me off. I hate all of their attitude. Gossip is the main thing of them. Talking crab,judge people without thinking even they not see what they were like. OMG so fucking annoying. Most of them like bitches. I hate them. I really mean it. I felt so pressure,i have no idea what i'm going to do next. I'm tired to be their toys. Stop bullying me. I'm not kind that stuff. I got my own feeling. Do you mind please watch your mouth? and please dont make me like your KULI. All of you have been grown up so perfectly is it so hard to be an adult? Just once in your life? Please. I need some space some peace of time . I'm begging you.

A big thanks to Radz,Anep,Tira,Aien,Fieza cos being good to me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Missed Them So Much

Since i get to college i felt so lonely. I miss the old me. I miss everything about the past. Obviously i fucking miss my all friends. I mean seriously. I always count the days and keep repeating to my self 'when the holiday will come?' I just wanna have a one day with my buddies. Laughing,hanging like we used to did before. Ohhh miss that so much.

Bila,Eman,Alep,Akyb,Hana,Amad,Neril,Fyzz Miss you guys.

Wait me up!!

Again And Again

Hello guys. As you know this is my third blog. Pretty awesome isnt it? Well it started now. I will share all of my story beside i try to find the real me. It kind like i'm stuck in nowhere and try to find the real way to get back. I would say i'm nothing. There's is no more thing to hide off. Hope you get what i'm trying to say. So see you in the next entry.