Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Onestly i'm not quite comfortable with the surrounding in my college. The people seriously asshole. My class mates really killing me off. I hate all of their attitude. Gossip is the main thing of them. Talking crab,judge people without thinking even they not see what they were like. OMG so fucking annoying. Most of them like bitches. I hate them. I really mean it. I felt so pressure,i have no idea what i'm going to do next. I'm tired to be their toys. Stop bullying me. I'm not kind that stuff. I got my own feeling. Do you mind please watch your mouth? and please dont make me like your KULI. All of you have been grown up so perfectly is it so hard to be an adult? Just once in your life? Please. I need some space some peace of time . I'm begging you.

A big thanks to Radz,Anep,Tira,Aien,Fieza cos being good to me.

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