Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lucky Of Me

I already have someone special. Someone who might think i'm stupid rite now hahahaha. At first i really had no idea. I'm super blank,speachless,blussshing and so damn shy. hahahaha. I wasnt expected that. It was like a dream come true. When i listen carefully and try to understand the situation is suddenly a big smile came out. HAHAHAHA. The Joy and The Happiness were here. Seriously I LOVE YOU :)

Oh yeah

I had a lot of deman, All those things keep playing in my mind. I cant wait to get my 1st salary hahahaha.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Aien Ishak :)

What a best night :) tadi lepak kat mcd dengan Aien ngan Amy. Gila babi rindu hang kot. Lama tak lepak. Teringat time last sem. Gelak sakan dok dengan hang. Best sangat2. Thanks Aien for being nice to me. Insyaallah kalau di umur kan panjang kita lepak lagi :) Puasa weh jangan tak puasa hahahahahahaha.