Monday, March 28, 2011

Dont Push Me

Today the entry about 'Someone Might Be Love Me' if i'm not wrong. This is what my friends told me. I dont want to say out her name. But actually i'm kinda awkward a lil bit. Here the story begin. She actually want me to love her but in the same time i dont want any relationship for now on. She always say ' We both single ' and ' See those people ' she expect i will say ' Ya i'm so jelous we should couple ' =.= You and i just friends not more than that. Jangan mengharapkan cinta aku kat hang <--- Tu dia ayat cm barua gi. Please understand me. Dont take this personaly i just want you to know the truth of me. There's is no Love in my life unless i already find the truth one. Hope you get what i try to tell you. But we still be a friend rite?

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