Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Friends New Momment





They are super super nice to me. I always comfortable when sitting with them. They really make me feel better. Laughing is the main thing.Sit together and makin some stupid story and Radz and Tyra so so so romantic. Holding hands hahaha ngok toi. I hated when Radz put his head on Tyra shoulder and start making cute face. Hahahaha cant stop laughing to it. Aien hahahah lagi best. Duduk dengan dia kalau tak gelak tak sah. Aien always back up for me,i like when she said ' Eh jangan la buli dia ' hahahahah best2 :) dan dan dia suka cakap ' comelllll ' hahahahahah then Anip. This guy really really killing me off. Selalu bahan aku. Bahan dia lawak gila babi. Tak larat aku nak gelak. He help me alot both inside and outside. Sent me home and many more la. Thanks guys :) hope will be together till the end of our study. GOGO CHEF ASWAD :)

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