Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wish To Be Real

Last night i was dream about 'Dead People Come Back To Life' as known by 'Zombie' . Pretty scared. It happend at Paris =.= my family was dead so i'm the only one who survived. When i try to find somewhere to hide,I meet this beautiful girl. I forgot her name actually. Okey back to my story,i'm telling her my situation and she welcoming me to join her and i said yes. Our journey make us more bonding to each other. Here the funny thing is,when we were climb the hiils suddenly with no where the 'Glee Songs' was playing. And we were started to sing and dance. What the fuck. hahahahaahahahhaa. This is what we call 'Dream' isn't it?. It doesn't make any sense. hahahaha. The end of story is when we were in the train. And then my eyes was open. When i woke up from bed i keep smile and smile. It was fun :) really.

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