Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hate My Self


First of all im not trying to convince you or made it up. But this is the truth one and came from my heart. I just wanna let it out. I know i was stupid. Stupid human being ever. I'm cheated on you. I'm lying on you. I'm the bad person you could imagine. You should slap me up. I wasnt thinkin twice i just do it even i know this is wrong. But now i'm so fucking regrets. If i got special power first thing i wanna do is back to the past and fix it to the right thing. But i couldnt. No ones can do that. Bila i'm so sorry like i said i was stupid. I know this is hard for you to take me back and i know now you already have one in your heart. I just wanna let you know i still love you no matter what happen. I know you since you 12 years old. The memories still playing around my mind. It is hard for me to let it go. You're so perfect for me. I couldnt do nothing except keep thinkin about you. I hope after this you will enjoy your life and one thing you have to know no matter what happen 'I GOT YOUR BACK'. Thanks for your kindness towards me. LOVE YOU

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