Thursday, April 28, 2011


Eman was here. So fucking miss him. I picked him around 5.30 am at JLN.Duta. When our way back home we were lost like shit hahahahahaha. It was shit. I had no idea why i keep lost. Maybe im so fucking sleepy =.= or because im in hurry. I got class around 7.30 am but now im still figured out where is the right way =.=. hahahaha lol After back from class we went to AMPANG POINT to meet our lovely friends. We were hangin with Bila,Hana,Bila lil sis and MatNi as well. It was super great. Besides long time no see them so this is it. It was fun. I couldnt spend my time with them because im so fucking sicked. Moody =.= i just ruined the day. Please KILL ME =.=

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