Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Restaurant

Okey here the thing. Hmmm. Where should i start first? =.=! LOL. Now i was working at SELAMBA CAFE at WANGSA MAJU as a kitchen helper. Seriously it was horrible and super super tired. I'm so fucking pissed off all the thing what i been asked to do is actually not my job. I'm a KITCHEN HELPER not A WAITER. I know you're running out of man then you should hire more people dont just sitting around without doing anything. I have my own responbility. I have to make sure all the things in the kitchen clear if not for sure i will be scolded by the CHEF. I cant stand it anymore. I'm not a robot. I'm a human being i have a limit. Please give me a break. I'm super tired. Started at 9 pm then finished at 12 am (midnight). They not giving me doing a single shif. Everyday i have to do a DOUBLE SHIF. TIRED TIRED. I have no idea what to say anymore. hmmmm.....

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