Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Seriously I’m so fucking jelous to all my friends who has a GF. I was like “ Dude will you give me your GF to me? “ hahahahaha .My last couple around 2010 middle of april I guess so. That time I’m quite stupid and yes it is. I don’t wanna talk about it anymore. CASE CLOSE! Now let the past fly away. What I’m about to tell you is “ Should I find someone? “ or being single the rest of my life I mean not the rest LOL . The problems is do anyone want me to be their BF? First of all I do looks like a kids. People always thought I’m still in the middle of high school. Form 4? No . Form 1, 2 ,3 ? Yes. WTF!!!! Even in my family said “ Adik you have to eat a lot “ =.= I’m not like you! This is not about the food okey. This is about me. Eat less or more never giving me anything different. Still the same. My height 158 cm my weight 47. =.= I know I’m short . Do I look like I care? Your mom does!!! You not even know me so stop making speculation. Anyone wanna be my GF? Hahahahhaa


  1. 158 cm and 47 kg ? aaaaawwww ! COMELNYAAAA ! HAHA :P

  2. ishh mana ada aihh -.-" CHIK COMEL ! :D