Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm Leaving You "ILY"


It happend really fast. Because of small matter it goes to big matter. He really doesnt know my point. He just wanna make this thing bigger and bigger. What make me so fucking pissed off when he said about the past. Why have to mention about the past? Is it have to? Is it necessary? Why would you do that? This is what you called FRIENDSHIP? it is not. not at all. You really dissapointed me. You will never know how much you hurt me because everyday i act like it didnt effect me . I never forget your kindness towards me but when you started said about the past my middle fingger automatically up. Who ask you to give a fuck? All my mistake you seen so damn fastly, yours? You never see? You never know about it? Please open your eyes and please thinking wisely. I'm tired to pretending infront of you. You hurt me really bad. The past 4 month really killing me off. I admit it. I never live in peace. But when i met all of you. Its like i won a lottery. I'm thankful to ALLAH cos giving me such a good friends. Thanks for being good to me. I always mention about your names in my blog because i know all of you really make me feel great. But now on its not. The joy was gone. The pain was here. You never know how much i love our FRIENDSHIP. Please stop treating me like this. I'm sicked of it. Ok that's enough of me talking about me. Let's talk about you. What do you think about me? I can't undo my mistakes you know that. All i can do is make more mistakes and hope the original one gets diluted. My advice DONT WASTE YOUR TIME LOOKING BACK ON WHAT YOU'VE LOST . MOVE ON ,BECAUSE LIFE IS NOT MEANT TO BE TRAVELED BACKWARDS .


  1. hey hey ^^
    take it easy chik :)
    it's hard to let our friends go
    umie pernah rasa macam tu :/
    last last, umie tinggalkan diorang
    buat apa nak kawan dengan orang yang selalu jatuhkan kita ?
    walaupun umie dah lama kenal kawan umie tu, tapi it's worthless kalau asyik umie yang kena

    i'm just sharing my experience ^^
    umie takde niat apa apa pun tau ^^
    btw, love the quote :) the last one :)

  2. sorry late. thanks umie for your support. ntah la umie. salah chik dorang nampak salah dorang? malas la nak panjang2kan cerita. benda kecik je pun. adoi nasib badan tol