Sunday, May 8, 2011

Do I?

Everybody said i'm looks like a chinese. LMAO! hahahaha LOL No im not. The hilarious part when i on my way go to KL SENTRAL suddenly this girl talking to me with chinese language. Im stucked. Im bluring for awhile. I said to her Im not chinese,im Philippines hahahaha she blushing then i just walked away from her without any words while laughing like shit. hahahahahah. First of all i'm from BORNEO. My mom from BRUNEI and my father were born in MECCA. I was born in KOTA KINABALU. Proud to be BORNEO ^^


  1. haha :DD LOL ! love this post :P

  2. x perasan ada comment hahahah tq tq tq UMIE ^^