Friday, April 8, 2011

What the Fuck

Omg! Please stop fooling yourself here. Dont be such a liar fucker. All your story doesnt make any sense. You said you had a ferari car? Come on bullshit im not a kid. Then you said your brother were friend with Eminem Body Guard? OMG! whats wrong with you dude? hahahahahahahha and and you said you were meet this skater boy then you said his deck price around rm2k =.= totally crab! And and he won 10 thousand dollar for winning the competiton. HOLLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Listen here,first of all please be an adult please grown up. Second of all the expensive deck is around rm300 ( Element) rm2k? Fuck your mom ass. Third of all no one will pay you 10 thousand dollar for winning the skate competition in Malaysia. CRAB CRAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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